The so-called "Medien-Doktor AI" is launched now: At Medien-Doktor.de/ki, a team from the Chair of Science Journalism is presenting the new sub-project on science journalistic quality assurance in reporting on AI. The Media Doctor AI is a project of the Chair of Science Journalism in cooperation with the press office of TU Dortmund University and the ‘Scientist in Residence’ model project docked there.

In journalism the discussion about AI has so far been mainly focussed on the practical benefits and risks of integrating Large Language Models into editorial offices. A team at the Chair of Science Journalism led by Prof Holger Wormer, Marcus Anhäuser and Tobias Kreutzer is now presenting the initial results of a new practice-oriented research project that aims to expand the debate to include a more reflexive dimension of quality assurance: the new Medien-Doktor KI project is now being presented at Medien-Doktor.de/ki.

In an initial phase, researchers and journalistic practitioners will find a detailed project description and a comprehensively researched list of existing tips, tricks and guidelines for better AI reporting. Two of our researches, Markus Pauly and Emmanuel Müller, explain in a video series the basic concepts of trustworthy AI. You can find the videos of them here.

In the medium term, the Media Doctor AI wants to present a catalogue of criteria similar to the existing topic instances, which will make it easier for journalists to report on AI applications in a scientifically sound manner and will also be used in the future as a basis for expert opinions in the sense of constructive media monitoring. The catalogue of criteria will be developed using a mix of methods based on surveys of AI journalism experts and AI researchers as well as in the context of topic-specific seminars with journalism students. 

Initial project results will be presented at a conference organised by the ‘German Society for Journalism and Communication Studies’ (DGPuK) in Zurich at the beginning of June.


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