My group's research seeks to develop practical tools to make artificial intelligence safe, reliable, and trustworthy. To this end, we develop formal methods for artificial intelligence and collaborate with researchers from various disciplines, including IT-Security, Statistics, and Psychology.

Portrait of Daniel Neider

Verification and Formal Guarantees of Machine Learning

Prof. Daniel Neider

TU Dortmund
JvF25, Room 212

Phone: +49 231 755 7802

Portrait of Jan Corazza


Jan Corazza

TU Dortmund
JvF25, Room 214

Phone: +49 231 755 7823

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Simon Lutz

TU Dortmund
JvF25, Room 213

Phone: +49 231 755 7821

Portrait of Mustafa Yalciner


Mustafa Yalciner

TU Dortmund
JvF25, Room 215

Phone: +49 231 755 7824

Portrait of Alhida Murati

Office Prof Neider

Alhida Murati

TU Dortmund
JvF25, Room 218

Phone: +49 231 755 7729

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