We would like to draw your attention to our next hybrid AI Colloquium this Tuesday with Prof. Tijl De Bie from University Ghent in Belgium.


Title: Inherent limitations to AI fairness (You can find the paper here.)

Speaker: Prof. Tijl De Bie — University Ghent, Belgium

Time: 09.07.2024, 10:15 - 11:45am

Location: Otto-Hahn-Strasse 14 / Room E04 (Fakultät Informatik) + Zoom

Zoom: tu-dortmund.zoom.us/j/93319743997


The lecture and Q&A session will be hybrid and you can participate via the Zoom link above even if you are not in Dortmund.

The AI Colloquium is co-organized by the Lamarr Institute for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, the Research Center Trustworthy Data Science and Security (RC-Trust), and the Center for Data Science & Simulation at TU Dortmund University (DoDas).


About the talk:

In this talk Prof. Tijl De Bie will discuss the recent CACM paper with the same title as the talk, on a number of inherent limitations of purely technical approaches to AI fairness. In doing so, he will argue for the need for a socio-technical approach to tackling AI fairness issues. He will also briefly survey some other work in our group on the topic of AI fairness.


About the speaker:

Prof. Tijl De Bie is a senior full professor at Ghent University. Before joining Ghent University in 2015, he studied or held research positions at KU Leuven, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, Southampton University, and the University of Bristol. He has worked on the foundations of machine learning and data science, as well as on applications of AI in fields ranging from bioinformatics, over music informatics, sports analytics, to social and mainstream media analysis. His current research interests include exploratory data science, trustworthiness of AI, the impact of AI on information integrity and democracy, and applications of AI to the labor market and human resources management. 


More deatils and the abstract are here.

We look forward to seeing you!


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